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Amman Highlights Private Tour


A panoramic tour of the city of Amman around the old and new parts of it, if you are here for the first time then this is your chance of visiting the city that will sweep you off your feet, this is where ancient meets modern beautifully.

The Roman Theatre is believed to be Greek of origin, but no matter, It was the place I would always start my journey at before heading into downtown as a child. Maybe I just wanted to salute the ancient crowds before I headed into town! You will be able to smell the history before you lay an eye on it

Imagine the second biggest Roman theatre in the world among real Souqs, the arches and the shops are just lined up there watching the citadel as it sits quietly on top of the surrounding hills, diverse is what you will find here.

I would personally recommend one of those hole in the wall eateries, and some Kenafah for dessert to cap off your tour, may be a walk in Rainbow St if you are still eager to take in more of the city. Come to Amman and feel right at home!


  • The tour starts from the airport, your hotel or other place of choice.

  • We'll head to the downtown area for a visit of the Amman citadel located right above downtown. The citadel offers ruins of many previous cultures and views of downtown that are breathtaking!

  • Then we will visit the Roman Theatre which is the second biggest on earth.

  • We will walk to the Nymphaeum for a quick look.

  • After it's time to join the locals at the fresh produce market.

  • Next up is the oldest mosque in the country for a look.

  • We will then ride from downtown to the west of Amman to visit the new side of town including the Royal auto-mobile museum.

  • Finally a cruise around the Abdoun area.


Have you made your decision, please book now te best services in town.


  • Free WIFI in car

  • Cold water in car

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