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Dana to Petra 6 days Hiking Tour

The famed Dana to Petra hike allows trekkers to see some of the most magnificent scenery that the south of Jordan has to offer. The 4 biospheres inside of the Wadi Dana Reserve are just the beginning. The diversity of scenery on this hike is most surprising to visitors who expect to see just the quintessential desert. Seriously, there is much more! Along the hike you will stay at FeynanEcolodge, one of the top ecolodges in the world. Also enjoy traditional hospitality at Seven Wonders Bedouin Camp. Our hike ends with two days in the rose red city of Petra, a UNESCO World Heritage site. We enter the site from the secret back entrance. After enjoying the site we will transfer you to your Dead Sea Resort  

  • Must be physically fit; hiking experience preferred; 5-8 hours activity/day.

  • Each day requires 13-18Km (8-11.5 miles) of hiking. 

  • Day 2 is the most strenuous hike, ascending over 1300m (4,265’) up from the Jordan Valley. However, no technical skills are required.

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  • Free WIFI in car

  • Cold water in car

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