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Bikes, Helmets

Professional Cycling Guides and Mechanic

  • Support Pickup, can hold luggage, water, snacks and extra bike

  • Water and snacks for the Participants

This outdoor cycling activity is designed to suit all fitness levels and caters for the dynamic and non-typical

management teams. It combines a good balance between exercise, fun and healthy food with the ultimate aim of

enjoying a healthy and rejuvenating vacation.

Services Offer

  •  Um Qais Ride 12 to18 km/ Easy road


  • Amman – Kafrein Water Dam 50 km/intermediate road


  • Nebo - Mukawer 40 km/intermediate road


  • Petra - little petra – Petra 20 to 40 km Intermediate road


  • Dlagha – Wadi Araba 51 km / intermediate road

  • Wadi Rum - Disi 59 km road & dirt road / intermediate

  • Aqaba Ride 13 km road / intermediate road

  • Shobak – Petra 37 km Intermediate road


All Bikes and equipment we use are form High-quality Brand names Like TREK and GIANT, All are well maintained and comfort for Use.

   - We provide high-quality Helmets for clients safety.

   - 1 Support Car and 1 professional Cycling Guide for Each 5 Pax.

Have you made your decision, please book now te best services in town.


  • Free WIFI in car

  • Cold water in car

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