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Petra Private Tour from Amman


The capital of Edom. The red rosy charm carved in the sandstone mountains of Wadi Musa is an evidence of the connection between the old cultures.

The city will have an effect on you like a child in a candy shop. The marvellous colours and atmosphere of the Siq as if time stood still, you don't actually walk down the path more like gliding, and as it opens itself wide to the site of the treasury it will hit you like an Indiana-Jones-movie scene & a secret hidden for thousands of years, and a sight like no other.

Taking the steps up to the monastery is long & tiring, but when there I can only say "Top of the World" no less. a cup of tea at the view up there with the fresh breeze around sun set will be priceless

Go to little Petra to complete the picture about the culture that built this amazing city, discover a 4000 years old winery and the drawings from before the clock started to tick . . a must see wonder of the world.



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  • The tour will begin from your hotel or chosen meeting location.

  • We will leave Amman early to visit Madaba & Mount Nebo.

  • Then we will continue on the Kingsway to Kerak and visit the castle out there.

  •  After we'll go down to the Jordan Valley to get to little Petra and visit before nightfall.

  •  Overnight in Petra.

  • The second day we will wake up early to visit the site of Petra and enjoy a min of 8 hours tour to the site.

  • In the late afternoon or later, we'll return back to Amman.

  • The tour can be customized according to your wishes.

Have you made your decision, please book now te best services in town.


  • Free WIFI in car

  • Cold water in car

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