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Soap House Trail Private Hiking Tour


Jerash is the most preserved Roman site ever, Antioch, Pompeii of the east, Gerasa whatever name you choose you will still be taken away by the beauty of the temples, The Cardo, the mosques, the city with 1000 pillars is an apple for the eye.

As I walk you through the Hadrian's Gate not only you would merge into the site but the feel of old times will wash over you as if you started to see Marianos by the gates, and the chariots running back and forth in the hippodrome, the bridge that connects eastern & western sides of the town is still functioning.

North west of Jerash is Ajloun and castle like no other, I will leave you to the views on top of the castle with the evergreen landscape and the amazingly maintained waterways and maybe some of that northern pine scented breeze to make you feel new as rain. The trail will lead you among Oaks, Maples, and Summaq trees (Rhus). I could not explain the feeling, so you will have to be here to to experience it first hand.


  • We will start the journey from your hotel or chosen meeting location in Amman.

  • We'll drive through the Jordan road about 1 hour 20 mins to get to the castle of Ajloun.

  • Visit the castle for about an hour.

  • Then head to the local Royal Society for the Conservation of Nature for a hike on The Soap House Trail (2-3Hrs).

  • After that we will drive about 45 minutes to get to Jerash.

  • Our visit to Jerash will last for 2 hours.

  • In the late afternoon we will head back to Amman.


  • Free WIFI in car

  • Cold water in car

Have you made your decision, please book now te best services in town.

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