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Wadi Rum - Dead Sea Private tour


Feeling at home is priceless, here is a place out in the vastness of the desert, open horizons like you never experienced before, and even though that's the case, once settled in the Valley of The Moon you'd feel right at home, surrounded by the high mountains and covered by a starry skies in a rare experience away from all forms of pollution, with the feeling of the sands under your feet. this vastness starts to feel cosy and homey to you.

The trails up the mountains will take you to to places uncommon in other deserts, the water springs are cool with greenery surrounding them a picture indescribable, the shape of the hills and mountains around and the greatness of silence can only be found in Aladdin movies,

The Dead Sea is whole other story on its own, being so close to floating on top of water rather than being in it is something that's strange to our nature, grab your favourite magazine and read it comfortably while you float, and don't forget you mud bath, slip into your younger skin once more.

Wadi Rum

Wadi Rum

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  • This tour is based on 2 person basis minimum, for one person pricing a custom tour will be provided upon request

  • Free WIFI in car

  • Cold water in car

Have you made your decision, please book now te best services in town.

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